Neutral overload?

14/3 protected by double pole breakers leaving the distribution panel to a receptacle/switch box, leaving from that receptacle/switch box is two 14/2 conduits to various other outlets.

My comment in the report:

· Safety Issue: The double breakers at the electrical panel in garage are not properly wired to the receptacles/lights. This represents a fire hazard since the neutral (white) wire may be subjected to excessive current levels that can overheat the wire. You should have the outlet and branch circuit wiring promptly investigated and repaired as necessary by a licensed electrician.

But I’m having a senior moment…

If they are different phases, the neutral will not be overloaded.


In this case the neutral will only carry the difference in current between the two circuits. Since you have a MWBC the 2 pole (or handle tie) is required.

Didn’t realize there was a pic thanks to this app…


No handle tie was present at breakers which I noted as missing.

Isn’t it a double pole breaker?

That panel type was a first for me, a main breaker on top and another at bottom.

With the primary cover removed, not much could be seen.

Did this have a generator backup? The reason I ask is because of the ATS being in the model number.

There was no backup generator but what does ATS have to do with backup generator?
A: Bus Material (Tin Plated)
T: Feed Location (Top)
S: Mounting (Surface)

Very common here in cabins out of town.

I was wondering automatic transfer switch.

I know what a transfer switch is and looks like and that wasn’t it.

It’s a Seimens SIA42QJ225AATS panel type S1 (see pic above).

Geese Louise do I have some work to do.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

I would rather mention it in my report and be wrong than no mentioning it and something goes wrong.

What was the narrative at the end Marcel?
Thanks in advance.

Same (post#1) since I am not sure it is wrong but neither that it is right.