Neutral Service cable spread out

Me again :laughing:

Got another question that I couldn’t figure out how to word correctly to get an answer on Google - the braided neutral cable (pictured below) was spread way out towards the top - is this a defect/safety hazard?

Bonus question while i’m here too! Shingles shouldn’t be on the bottom part of a boot like this, correct?

Thanks in advance, you guys/gals are all great!

It is all flipping fine. Yep!

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The wire is fine, Brian.

It does look like the bottom flashing flange is below the lower shingle from here, though. Plus, I don’t know what goop that they put on there to seal it. But, it doesn’t look right from here. Either a repair or a continued maintenance issue is what I see. :smile:

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how many layers of shingles are there …It could look like that on a roof over…

Thanks - and for future reference, its okay to have shingles installed all the way around as long as the flange is above a layer of shingles so the water isn’t actually getting underneath?

Just one layer

shouldnt look like that with just one layer…

No issue with the neutral. It is a concentric braid and gets twisted in the field.