Neutral Terminal Block Question

This is a photo of a 30 year old fuse box.
Can someone tell me if the 12 silver screws to the left are terminal screws?
If they are, I wonder why the electrician jammed all the aluminum neutrals under the screws on the right.
I’m in a newer area so I don’t get to see many fuse boxes.


Those screw types were common before the more familiar ones on the picture right. I have never seen a combination setup like your picture. I wonder how the connection was made if this was field modified.

You just looped the wire like you would for a device screw terminal.

You do have issues with the multiple wires in the same holes.

Also, are those smaller conductors aluminum?
If so then they should especially NOT be ganged together like that.

Shared beutral lugging. Not right. Simple.

Speedy has a good point. They do appear to be aluminum. If they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the black conductors (hots) as aluminum.

I think that is Nolox on the neutral wires. Still, They need to be seperated.

No need to speculate, I said in my very first post that they are aluminum, but my questions are:
(1) Are the 12 screws on the left terminal screws.
(2) If they are not, what’s the proper fix for the ganged aluminum neutrals.

Yes, as Jim stated, the neutrals are wired under the screws. I have no idea why they were done this way with all those unused screws.

Sorry, I glanced over the aluminum part in the OP once I saw the pic.

Answer to question No. 1.

Yes, they are for the termination of the grounded (neutral) conductors, see the groove to the left of each screw. They would only require the end of the wire to be inserted, and when tightened clockwise the screw would secure the wire properly.

Thanks folks and Merry Christmas.