Nevada Real Estate Division Renews Approval of Standards of Practice & Legal Rules

Nevada Real Estate Division has renewed their approval of InterNACHI’s free, online Nevada Home Inspectors Standards of Practice & Legal Rules Course for home inspector Continuing Education.

InterNACHI… #1 in home inspector training.

Very good for us folks here in Nevada.

NO Real Estate Commission or Division of any type should have anything to do with the insection industry whatsoever !!!

The NAR and every other real estate association should stick to selling homes or unlocking doors or whatever it is they do, and stay far away from The Home Inspection Industry.

The quicker the public realizes this the better off they will be.


Agreed. The licensing here is a joke. You have to go to there diploma mill for 80 hours and pass 60-80 question proctored exam. There are only a few diploma mills in the entire state and I feel the one I went to was merly cashing a check for printing a certificate of completion. I liked the instructors(one of them is a CMI) but wish the curriculum was a bit more expanded. Honestly, I learned more from the Nachi courses and am lucky that I have been in the building trades since high school. Oh well, water under the bridge i suppose.