Nevada State Test practice test help

Hello everyone,

   Has anyone taken the new State License Test with Person? They are saying it is 175 questions with 25 extra "Random" questions and you have to get 130 correct to pass.

   I am a horrible test taker and was looking for some practice test to take. On the new book NHIE Home Inspection Manual there is a website where you can take practice test but they cost $50.00 to take (Which is retarded!) and the test is $100.00, so I am looking for FREE practice tests that I can take while I am reading through this big book. If you have any tips on studying or a better way to study please let me know. I am looking to take my test in 2 weeks, I have already taken it once but it is nothing like the test with PSI which was 100 questions and ALOT easier then the new one. But like I said I am terrible at taking test, I got 69 out of 100 questions right on the PSI test, and the person test I got 80 out of 175 questions. But the test is based on national residential building structures not just Nevada like it used to be. It does not make since to me unless our license is Nationally accredited but it is a STATE test for a reason, I am not sure if it is Nationally or Regionally accredited. Thank you all for your help in advance.

   The site for the book for Nevada is if any one is interested.

When did they change the test? I took it in 2015 at PSI and it was ridiculously easy.

They changed it Jan 1 2017, but I am reading the Pearson is currently in a law suite for inaccurate answers, improper grading and several other things. FML. I wish I could take it with PSI.