Never Forget 9/11 9/11/21



I was about 25 miles away, in Mrs. Paterson’s 8th grade geometry class in northern jersey. Every teacher had a landline phone on their desk that the office could call into. The teacher got a call, hung up, and said “there’s been a big accident at the world trade center, if anyone has parents in that area, you can go to the office to try and call them”. Rachel K****** jumped up and said “my dad works there!” and went to call him. (He was okay.)

My dad was dropping off my little sister on the upper west side of Manhattan for her first day of school as it happened. My uncle should have been on the path train that runs under the WTC, but he stayed home that day. My aunt had to walk many miles covered in dust… I have to ask her - I’m pretty sure she had to walk through the Lincoln tunnel with thousands of other people.

It’s crazy how my perspective has changed since that day, in some ways. I really wasn’t able to process what happened that day as it happened. I understood it was horrific, but only in the last 10 years or so have I been able to truly imagine being there. There was a high point in the town I lived in where you could see the nyc skyline. My dad asked me if i wanted to go up there and see it on the afternoon of the 11th, but I was too busy skating with my friends in the street to be bothered. I wish I went with him. We went to home depot later that night and bought a couple cases of n-95’s to donate to workers at the pile.


I visited the memorial when it first opened. I took the whole family (10+). We had a person in a wheelchair and strollers.

We started our journey from the Staten Island Ferry. I knew nothing about how to get from A to B. We used all public transportation to get around.

The people of NY were amazing. Whenever we needed guidance a kind person was always available.

As we got closer to the memorial, we had to the opportunity to stop and speak with different people, police officers etc.

My family would incircle them and listen and their stories. Very emotional. I think they needed to tell as much as we needed to listen.

I recommend the trip for everyone. Take the time to talk to the locals and it will quickly remind you we are all Americans. God Bless all those with broken hearts.


on 9/11, I was a serving member of the Medicine Hat Police Service. It hit us hard that day. I will always remember the Police officers, Firefighters, EMS and citizens. I will always remember and honor them.


This is the live radio broadcast from the morning show on 92KQRS, a well known Minneapolis radio station. I was listening live that morning. It is interesting to listen to it again now because it shows how it went from being an accident to a for-certain attack on our country. According to Tom Bernard, the show’s long-time host, this broadcast is now featured at the memorial in NYC. I get goose bumps listening to it.


WOW, never heard that before. Pretty crazy they just so happened to be discussing a public beheading in Saudi Arabia about a minute before the first plane hit - crazy, considering most of the hijackers were Saudi nationals.

I have a friend who’s father was a young man in the US army stationed in Saudi Arabia decades ago. He told me that him and his buddies went to see a public beheading there and he greatly regrets attending.


Please Never Forget,
Here are the14 brothers from my firehouse. R I P.image