Never had a seller like this before!

I inspected a home last week and reported just like I usually do. The home was 10 years old but had improper P traps, bedroom windows too small for egress and shingles which needed replacing. One more thing - the furnace filter was extremely dirty. As it turns out, the owners had a failed furnace AND a failed air conditioner. The ducts and furnace needed a good cleaning as there was dust blowing out of the registers when turned on. I doubt if the filter had been cleaned in the 10 years they lived there.

Anyway, I delivered my Report to my client and heard later that the owner was EXTREMELY offended at my Report because her father and boyfriend had built the house - they were both dead now. She was so mad that after a long spat with my client she ended up selling the house to someone else - even though my clients had everything in place (financing, appraisal, etc, etc) and still wanted to buy the house. To make a long story short, her lawyer fired her and no lawyer in Manitoba will take on her case. She will most likely end up paying for the additional legal fees for my clients. I’ve never seen a mess like this before. I was never involved in the after-effects but just heard the story later.

Good one thanks please keep us posted for the next episode .

You did your job. They are the ones with the problems. Inspect, document, get paid, move on. I come accross simular stories often. Young people these days know nothing about a home, or how to maintain it.

Fun part of this job is inspecting a home that the owner has lived in for 30, or even 40 years and find all kinds of problems; knob/tube, rusted water lines and sewer drains, no insulation, stuck windows, etc.

Just like your marriage, life is all about maintenance.

That ls crazy, glad you stayed out of that mess

Part 2:

The seller chose to call the second person she sold the house to and cancel the deal. No word yet of who will all get sued. The lawyer and the vendor clearly screwed up and failed to communicate to each other. The lawyer was trying to wash his hands of the whole thing by firing his client. But his hands are dirty too. There is still money floating around where 2 people put down a deposit on the same home. Somebody will want theirs back. :roll:

As it turns out, the lady of the home is a professional con artist. She was actually convicted for major fraud when she worked at a bank a number of years ago. She avoided jail time by getting knocked up but served house arrest. I’m just waiting for their call for me to inspect their new home. :wink: