Never seen this before

Is there a specific name for this?

Actually looks on first glance to be made for something else other than that use.
This is from 5-03-13 ?

Future Man!

LOL March 5th…

Pre-cast concrete pier

Yes but what is the rating on that thread ?
Built in footer seems nice and all but is it rated for that use ?

Home Depot

Been around for awhile and work great for outside decks on grade. :slight_smile:

What about for supporting houses?

It’s not supporting a “house”. It’s supporting a “joist” or “beam”.

If you have reservations about it’s appropriateness, call it out.

Not up here. Haven’t seen that due to frost.
Not saying it don’t exist. Never seen one yet. :slight_smile:

As many of those self leveling piers I see, it sure looks like it is supporting more than a joist or beam Jeff. :slight_smile:

Aye, but the one he focused on sits about 3ft o/c from another. Not much of a concentrated load to be concerned about, but impossible to judge via a poor pic from this far away, with no additional information. :wink:

Thanks Troy