Never touch a patch

I touch this patch in an attic, I touch it. Look what happen in the hallway underneath at the patch.

Photo from hallway

Oops ](,)](,)](*,)

But it was wet!!!

It failed during testing. Write it up for poor workmanship. :mrgreen:

OUCH, Agree with Joe, Failed during testing.

Or, more commonly, “you touches it, you bought it!”:wink:

they can try but you did not cause the issue in the first place…I just did the same thing in a quick stop fixing there leaking roof!

Hate to bring this up BUT is that a old popcorn ceiling?

1989, ceiling. I have spoke with the owner. I told him, I would not repair. This is one of two active leaks in the same area of the attic.

Failed during normal use and testing. Unless you did it with a hammer.

No hammer involved.