Never use 1 exam prep

Make sure none of you use 1exam prep. Rob Estil formally from goldcoast is a piece of crap. He had me pay $100 and seven hours in his class and then told me that he was not approved for the course his innocent teacher taught me. He offered me a refund but told me to **** Off when I asked for the $250 the guy paid me to take the course to qualify his company. then he threatened me with physical violence. anyone who does not believe me feel free to call me to discuss 954-922-0584. STAY AWAY FOR 1EXAmPREP Rob Estil is a thief, bully and liar.

One post is enough, guy.

I just want you all to know. You want to spend $100 and not get the credit for the class he sold you? I also spent 7 hours of my day which I normally charge $1000.00 for.

Do you care to explain comment below? Since you did post it. :mrgreen:

My partner payed me a 1/4 of my daily pay to take a 7 hour course to qualify his company due to a mistake his office made on the application.

Did I explain it well enough?

I can qualify other companies other than mine as long as I follow the rules. Supervise jobs and such.

Gotcha. Thanks

Good night. Do not use them or do so at your own risk. I warned ya.


Thanks for the heads-up. I will definitely not use his services and I will make the members of my local associations aware as well. You are not the first to have complaints about his “services”…

I use Contractor’s Institute.

Thanks, that is what I have been hearing. John S. I only used him because he said I could do it the day after I called him and it was during the week. The other closest class was about 30 days out for what I needed. I think I got a text from my partner saying all was good but could not read it well on the phone today and will be looking soon :slight_smile: Never give up when someone else makes a mistake because sometimes just sometimes, someone will do what is right by you if you just ask :slight_smile: