Never say “never”.

You knew that was coming.



Never Ever ?

And you guys aren’t even in Florida. LOL

oh cmon you know you used to …what made you quit Brian ?

He didn’t quit, just went back ‘into’ the closet :p:D

Not even once? :shock:;-):mrgreen:

One time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did once…

But the elephant rebelled and the porcupine hasn’t so happy either.

So now I’m stuck with 16 cases of “Pomade” and three bushels of red cabbage.

Sounds like a party! :twisted:

Party??? PARTY???:o:o

Don’t say “Party”:mad::mad:…I don’t belong to any party and I…

Oh, I’m sorry;-)–I saw Burkeson had a post back there and I sorta got carried away. (And most people will tell you that I should…):D:D

And I though I saw Mikey coming down the road…:D:roll::roll::roll:

Dam Jae lmao…

Outstanding Florida Home Inspection Topics:|.). You guys must be super busy making tons of money…=D> :roll::smiley: