NEW 2008 NEC NG in OHIO April 3, 2008

Ohio Governor Strickland has signed the emergency order to temporarily rescind the 2008 NEC and revert back to the 2005 NEC, effective immediately.

Florida is still planning to skip the 2008 the last I heard but we may need some kind of legislation to do it. Somebody is rumbling that we are required to adopt the new code by law.
I do think it is time the AHJs tell NFPA “no mas”. This code churn every 3 years is far beyond anything that could be called “safety”.

From my recent experience in Florida on a building permit application, it appears the Florida Building Code has become so complicated the BOs don’t think their people are still capable of reviewing plans. Every page of the plan needs to be signed and sealed by a PE no matter how simple the project is.