New 2012 1802 form

Did anyone see any changes between the proposed(presented to the Cabinet) form and the final?

So there is a final version? :smiley:

I haven’t reviewed the final form yet to compare it to what was approved by the Financial Services Commission. There should not be any changes from what was submitted and approved. Why- does the final form look different?

it is a word doc. Straight from the powers that be. Pretty darn professional huh???

check your reg email :slight_smile:

Yes there is

It depends what you use to open it

Other than one typo corrected in Question #3, I don’t see anything different.

are you suggesting discrepancies in layout or actual verbiage?

Layout. I am looking for any other changes, punctuation and such

What typo?

Question #3 - Option B:

…an equivalent or greater resistance than 8d nails spaced a maximum of …

the word “than” was included in the final version

Keen eyes.

No significant differences. I will have to look for the ‘than’.

We have the new Form (PDF and MS Word) and Memorandum available for download in InterNACHI’s free online “How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections” course -