New 3D logo today in my downtime

Pull the vertical line in the I over to the left a little more and reduce the horizontal base of the I to make the I T appear more like a front porch, perhaps even connect the I and T at the top.

Make the whole area where Home Inspection is into steps with Home being in the top riser and Inspection being in the lower riser.

Maybe put a “brick” overlay over the word InfoTec to coincide with the houses foundation.

Gooood Lookin’. Well done.

Curious, what’s the “down time” you referred to?

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For old times sake? Were you an Architect or graphics designer in the past? Just curious :slight_smile:

I was a mechanical designer. Started out using Autocad and switched to Pro/E and then finally to Solidworks before changing careers.

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Lol, gotta schedule in downtime every now and again. Life is too short. A wise man once told me…I’ve never seen “I wished I would have worked more” engraved on a tombstone.

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Welcome to our forum, Stephen!..Enjoy! :smile:

I like it. Anything different get’s folks attention. I had an animated logo made for $100 last year, I use it on social media.


Welcome to our forum, Eric!..Enjoy! :smile:

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That’s pretty sweet Eric!