New ac system

:shock:NEW AC SYSTEM[1].pdf (206 KB):shock:

what is the problem ? lololol

The screwdriver on the bucket may be pointed the wrong way. If someone were to sit on the bucket, he (or she) could be stabbed–in the bucket:roll::roll::roll:…

Good eye Jae i Missed the safety issue .

If I am inside the house in that photo, is that unit backwards ars?
Oh well, they had to make use of that drafting unit since they don’t use it for innovative designs anymore. :mrgreen::wink:

Cardboard is the wrong gauge and should be written up.

It doubles as a heat pump Marcel

Not too many heat pumps around here Wayne, and if I saw one, probably would not know. :):wink:

Actually, I think it’s great example of green building techniques. He RECYCLED the cardbord box to seal the doorway.

Man, you guys are picky. Good way to heat the garage and cool the house! :roll:

Or, vice versa depending on the time of year!:mrgreen::mrgreen: