New Addition to Family

Just bought a new ride due to the fact I have a second inspector now and he will take over driving the truck since he lives closer to where we work. Any way it’s a Kia Soul 2014 and it gets close to 400 on a 14.2 gallon tank. Love it!

PS… On a way bigger note come next month I’ll be a grandpa! Whooohooo it’s a boy and his name is Benjamin! See everyone in Orlando in the next few weeks.

Nice ride, Billy! I would love to get one, or a Scion BX. Hoping for lots of work this spring so I can trade the 05 Trailblazer that’s yielding almost 15mpg.

congrats on being Grandpa! My two granddaughters are the biggest love I have ever felt, more than marriage, more than children. With your children, you always wonder if they will ever love you as much as you loved them. With grand kids, you don’t have to wonder. They show it!

Congrats Billy you’re doing great. Happy to see you grow your business. I recently bought a scion xB and am also loving it. I bought a 2006 because they still use the 1.5 liter small engine and fuel efficient. Happy as a lark with it so far. Keep it up Billy.


Very nice Billy and Congrats on becoming a Grandpa. hell, you don’t look old enough for that position. :wink:


Lol I thought you had a baby

Very nice Billy. Being a grandpa rocks!

Congrats! and nice wheels!

Congratulations on the new position…It is great to be a Grandpa…enjoy them and give 'em back. :smiley:

Oh, the rig looks good, too.:slight_smile:

Lookin good “grandpa”! Congrats :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the kind words. You’ve all been family to me for years and just wanted to share the great news with you.

Glad it’s not the green one which I asked about and you never answered so expected it to be ugly…lol

I like that in white or the Scion .

Sorry Bob. You know I touch and go here :slight_smile: You won’t go wrong with either and white would be easy to keep clean.

Plus any trim or sign work would stand out.
So with that flat roof did you ever look into a ladder rack ?

How many feet is your ladder as I would need the passenger seat down ?

I know they start at $14,000 but imagine you were closer to $20,000
Stereo rocks eh !

My ladder is 17 ft if I recall right. Then of course I have my telescope. Had to bring the back seats down but not the passenger… have plenty of room up there. What sold me is how much leg room this car has it’s amazing! I’m close to 6’6.

I have a nice stereo and the car connects to my IPhone so it plays my music when I want and the car answers the IPhone for me so hands free. Electronic windows, car mats, two tone interior, everything I need for $15,400 after $400 military discount, Kia $1000 rebate and little bit of haggling. The car has a 5 yr / 60K bumper to bumper and 10 yr/ 100K power train coverage. I did not trade anything in. As for a roof rack there are a few but I haven’t researched it to hard yet. The only downside is it’s not a turbo engine so the power is not there I was use to with my truck but getting close to 400 a tank I’m not complaining. My truck was taking $50 every two days or so due to the fact I live about 30 to 45 mins from any job I do.

PS… My interest rate is also low. Kia gave me a great rate that no other credit union or bank would touch.

Nice ride Billy, but where is your phone number?

Debating that one yet. I have my website on the back just trying to figure out where I want the number.

Website is easier to remember anyway.
Yeah my Sportage lacks big power but at my age am not looking to race.

Have a little steering fluid leak and a tiny oil leak but thats it which is good for a 2001.
Did not do the timing chain adjustment or whatever back at 95,000 mi but at this point who cares.

Get it done, Bob. Some of those are a timing belt instead of chain, and they break w/out warning, bending all the valves instantly…POOF! You’re done…

Congrats Billy, we are in the market for a 3rd vehicle ourselves since we added another inspector. Let me know how it goes in miles per gallons. See you next this month at the conference.