new addition wiring

Hi Guys

I have a thirty year old 1000 SF country house that is having an 1100 SF addition added giving it a total of 2100 SF. The old wiring (125 amp on the main breaker on the outside wall) was owner installed and was barely adequate at the time. I want to have the meter moved to the side rear of the new addition with underground service installed.
Can I install a temporary connection (maybe 40 amp) from the old panel to the new main distribution panel until the power company makes the connection at the new meter location? The new main panel would temporaryly function as a subpanel. After that I can relocate the other circuits from the old to the new panel one at a time. Is this practical or could you point me to a better way?


Stan Kuter

No offence, Stan, but what you could use is a qualified electrician on site with you.

Good luck.


At least where I am the power company gets to determine where the meter gets located. Sound like you need to get them involved.