New, advanced inspection article on lateral resistance to earthquakes.

Good information guys.

As an inspector in southern California, I’d recommend to become familiar with other aspects of existing construction as well. I regularly find soft stories, damage to foundations, structural defects.

In regards to lateral movement, cripple walls that lack lateral bracing are very common, un bolted structures, degraded concrete etc as well.

Along with the read above, I’d also suggest becoming familiar with the topics here

Kudos to raising awareness Nick and Ben, helping inspectors and their customers understand how to recognize such concerns can improve safety aspects.

Great article. I recently inspected a home that had jumped its foundation probably in the 1989 earthquake here in San Francisco.
It would be s great course to develop, helping to identify and distinguish damages to structures after earth quakes and similar type events. A library of pictures would be a great start…

It’s not just California. Utah is also subject to potential seismic activity. And they have codes to address it.

The Eddie Money song “Shakin’” always comes to mind when discussing quakes.

But kidding aside, I was still living in San Francisco in the 89 quake. That was an experience I’ll never forget.