New Ancillary Service?

I have been tossing the idea around of performing Inspections for people looking to rent a house or apartment. Essentially it would protect their damage deposit in case they get accused of breaking something when they move out of the apartment. Has anyone tried something like this? I’m not sure if this is worth pursuing.

How much could charge? Probably not much. The time you spent doing one would still interfere with the time time that you could do a full inspection.

I have been a landlord for 10 years (managing 10 to 20 units at any given time)…one thing I have learned…tenants in my area do not have much money. Maybe there would be some demand (from customers with money) in higher end coastal areas.

Good luck getting the landlord to let you in.

That’s funny! If you’ve ever checked where Manitoba is on a map you’ll know that you can’t get further away from a coastal area than where I live. I might have to move if I want to try this. :mrgreen:

I had a similar idea, but clients dont have any money when they are moving. I also tried to sell them to land lords, so if the place was trashed, they would have a basis for perusing the client. But for the most part, they either dont care either, or dont wish me to see the condition of their rentals. Its a good Idea in theory.

yes, plus its easy to just not return a deposit.

Curtis, had the same thought, more-so to market it to both landlord and tenant (probably go after prop mgmt companies), charge $100, have landlord pay half, tenant half, both parties would have a historical report to base things off of for dispute resolution. I have a good checklist already from the NAR. Eugene brings up a good point, and one that has basically held me from further exploration, the tenants are already out the 1st and last months rent, plus the background and credit check fees, to tack another fee on is pushing it and has been the main sticking point, but if you’re serious and do market it, report back on it please.

I Have offered these services for a very long time. I only get the homes that are high end homes.
The lower end homes and apartments don’t get the inspections like they should.
Have a good day.