New and Approved website logos!

Kevin Richardson has made some recommended improvements to the Outstanding Website Award logos.

Website of the Year Award 2008.jpg

Website of the Year Award 2009.jpg

Personalized versions of the above will be sent to the respective winners as time permits. We hope to get them out before the end of the month!

Kevin has done a fantastic job with these creations!

As chairman, I would also like to officially welcome Kevin to the Awards Committee. He has graciously accepted our invitation to serve with us. Kevin’s talent and eagerness to give back to iNACHI makes him a very welcome asset to our continued efforts!

Many thanks Kevin! :slight_smile:


I knew these awesome looking award logos would get approved.


Congrats on your new assignment.

Now do you think you can revise the “website of the year” award to reflect my two awards in 2005 and 2007? I’d really appreciate it.

nice job Kevin …and congrats!

Looks good Kevin!

Good job Kevin.

Glad that issues was worked out for the best.


you have PM

As small as they are onscreen, they still look good, congrats Kevin, job well done.

Thanks Kevin, those Logos look great.

Marcel :):stuck_out_tongue: