New and improved "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book released today.

7th edition.

Gonna have any copies with you tonight?
Need more as I ran out and love the book …tell me so I know to hit the ATM on my way. lol

Also are they doing pizza or do I gotta feed my face this afternoon ? :slight_smile:

Turned down 2 jobs for the Boost .
P.S liked the old cover better as NACHI graphic department is on some kind of muted/dull color fetish lately.

I drove a truck out to Chicago with the last of the 2012 editions. You’ll get one tonight. New editions only arrived by tractor trailer to the warehouse today. Does the bar at the hotel serve food?


I just ordered a new case a few days ago. Am I going to get the new edition or the old?

Not sure as the regular meetings always include pizza though I suppose a few drinks may make you forget your hungry.:slight_smile:

Need more than one so gotta order.

Nothing but good reviews on the books I handed out and had over 100.
Most clients are first timers so they help.

The books are awesome, I give one out with every inspection

The new ones (just arrived) are even better. The graphics are all new and hi-res.

Can’t wait to see them :slight_smile:

Extremely disappointed with this book. The home owners book is infinitely better. Im just gonna give these away for free to my friends

If you’re going to give them away. I’ll take them :slight_smile:

Maybe I can drop some off on Sat :slight_smile:

You can find me at the Virginia Beach Little League field all afternoon :slight_smile: