New Appointments Feature

I have recently moved from “Scheduler” to the new “Appointments.” Nice job with the new look and functionality! Highly recommend switching for those who haven’t yet.

I am having a few bumps along the way. Are there any fixes for the following hangups that I’m having with the new Appointments:

-Driving Directions: The map button no longer shows my path from one inspection to the next for the day**. This was one of the best features of the old “Scheduler,” especially with 2-4 apptmts/day.

-Save Template: The default template needs some work. The coding isn’t fully recognized by email platforms (at least gmail and Apple). “?'s” appear in the title and sporadically in the body. It’s also difficult to find information (IMO). It’s taken me about 2 days to clean it up (thank you for letting the user have this option though). It looks great now. I just want to make sure my hard work wont be lost. Will these changes be backed up during monthly backups?

Love all the other new features. Thanks again HG Team!

The driving directions is always from your company address. At the time of scheduling, we don’t know know the date/time yet so we don’t necessarily know the previous appointment yet. That is a good suggestion to support though.

Custom email templates are saved on our server so they are automatically backed up nightly.

Thanks Russell,

I’m a little confused. Does this mean there is a change I can make so this feature works in HG Calendar like it did in HG Scheduler or no such luck?

The developer Forrest needs to add that code to the new appointment manager.