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We need sprinklers in the Home .
I do not think there has ever been a fire death in a sprinklered Home .
Cost about $1;61 per sq installed
Failure of smoke detectors about 40%
Failure of sprinklers about 1 in 14,000,000 .
Watre damage from Fire hose is huge .
Water damage from a sprinkler fire is minor.
They are becoming law in many states .
It could be great if NACHI was to take the ball and run with it .
The advertising we could get with education and courses could save many lives.

Why More People Die of Smoke Inhalation than Actual Fire -
And How Residential Fire Sprinklers Protect Against It.

Most people who die in a fire are dead before the fire reaches them.
Smoke inhalation often kills by searing the lungs, but not always.
Often, smoke causes severe pulmonary irritation–if a fire burns through insulation or other toxic substances, those toxins get into the smoke, and into the victim’s lungs. Fire officials estimate that 50%-80% of fire-related deaths are ultimately caused by smoke inhalation.

Residential fire sprinklers protect against smoke inhalation in several ways.
First, residential fire sprinklers typically extinguish a fire before it gets big enough to be dangerous.

Residential fire sprinklers go into action the minute a fire starts, dumping water on the core of the fire and dropping its core temperature to the point where it can no longer burn. Residential fire sprinklers are usually more effective than a brigade of firefighters, because they work so quickly–by the time firefighters arrive at a burning home, it’s often too late.

However, residential fire sprinklers also protect against smoke inhalation in other ways.
As they fall, water droplets attach to particles in the smoke, weighing them down and thinning out the smoke.
Smoke from a fire in a sprinkler-protected building is thinner and less lethal–although you should still exit the house immediately if your residential fire sprinkler system is activated.

Residential fire sprinkler systems are far more effective than any other method of home fire protection.
Your chances of survival go up dramatically in homes with residential fire sprinkler systems installed.


October 1, 2009: Two living rooms, each furnished with a flat-screen television, comfortable furniture, and bookshelves and family photos, were set on fire in West Glocester, Rhode Island, as part of a groundbreaking research project that’s looking at the environmental impact of home fires. The project is a collaborative effort of FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and will study:

  • the types, quantity and duration of air and water pollutants released from a home fire as well as the water usage from fire sprinklers and firefighters’ hoses
  • the environmental impact resulting from burning household furnishings and finish materials as well as disposing the fire-damaged contents of a home
  • the carbon footprint associated with rebuilding a burnt home

Chris Wieczorek, Senior Research Specialist at FM Global discusses how the test burn will help researchers quantify the environmental benefit of sprinklers.

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**How People Die In Fires **
This is one of the most shocking and educational videos you will ever see regarding the destructive nature of fire. Keep watching the counter as the video plays. It’s on the top left. See the difference in a burning house with children with and without a fire sprinkler. This video was supplied curtsey of HFSC.

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Ten Little-Known Facts About Fire Sprinklers

Did you know that there’s never been a fire fatality reported in a U.K. building with fire sprinklers installed? How about that fire sprinklers use about one-hundredth of the water firefighters use to extinguish a fire? Read on for some more interesting and little-known facts about fire and fire sprinklers.

  • Fire sprinklers control 99% of all fires.
  • In almost all cases, four or fewer sprinkler heads are all it takes to control a fire.
  • It costs about as much to install fire sprinklers in a building as it would to install carpeting.
  • Only one in sixteen million fire sprinklers discharge accidentally.
  • In the U.K. each year there are around 45,000 home fires. About 500 people die each year in fires. Only about 30 per year are saved by smoke alarms alone.
  • Your chances of experiencing a serious fire in your lifetime are about one in five.
  • Yearly maintenance for fire sprinklers usually costs only about £50 per year.
  • Fires in commercial buildings with fire sprinklers installed typically cause only 10% of the damage that would occur in a non-sprinklered building.
  • Fire sprinklers are triggered only by temperatures reaching above a certain heat threshold. They are practically impossible to trigger accidentally.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all fire deaths occur in the home.

Working on a sprinkler article as you speak

Great this could be a great plug for NACHI if we could get this in all new homes .
If it was to be installed in all homes then our Home Insurance could go down a huge amount .
Cities and towns would save a lot of money now used in Fighting fires.
Thanks for doing this … Roy

Every fire chief in Canada ( & I think USA to) wants this to be the law.