New article: How to Sign an Inspection Contract on Behalf of an LLC or Corporation.

Interesting. Thanks for the info.


Is there anything requiring a representative of an LLC to even sign the Inspection Agreement? Can it just be signed by the clients?

If your agreement has your company name on it and it is clear from the overall document that the agreement was prepared by your company, I do not think it is necessary for someone to sign it on behalf of your company. I think it would be clear that the customer is agreeing to the terms set forth in the agreement that your company presented to him/her. As a lawyer that represents inspectors, I am far more concerned with getting the customer’s signature on the agreement; whether the inspector signs it on behalf of his company really doesn’t matter to me as long as the agreement makes clear that you are doing business as an LLC or corporation.:smiley:

That’s kinda what I thought and was hoping… Thank you for the clarification, sir!