New article: Inspection GFCI and AFCI Protection.

Just some thoughts.

The use of the term “recommended” when they are actually required is an incorrect statement if we are talking about the CODE itself in terms of the I-Codes as of course the NEC (National Electrical Code) where applicable.

The term “recommended” should be replaced with “required” in terms of meeting the intent of the ICC and I-Codes as referenced in your article.

It is also important to note that while this is the 2015 ICC, many of these rules have either expanded or changed for the 2017 NEC which will subsequently find its way into the next published revision of the International I-Code series.

As inspectors we can’t require anyone to do anything.
We can recommend.

Not the basis for the article…the comments were about the article as the references are to requirements. It could have said, as Home Inspectors we should recommend…

If the intent of the article was to cite requirements and then issue the recommendations (which might have been the intent) then no worries. Actually its a good article…but you know code geeks…:wink: