New article on faulty Kitec fittings

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"To find out more about where these fittings were installed, how they fail, how to identify them, and the legal repercussions of their installation check out our new article on kitec fittings. "

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Okay, I read the article. What are some of the ways these can be

Wow. Something else to scare home buyers with. If it is not PB plumbing, mold, radon, shoddy home construction in general, it is all a wonder why so many agents and special interest groups want us licensed; so we do not tell the home buyers of all of the potential home defects.

Without us informing home buyers of the truth, the nation as a whole would surely suffer. Perhaps us home inspectors, along with car-guys, should be the ones actually running this country.

It does not indicate that the Kitec was used in Canada. Or was it?
T.Neyedli CHI