New article on pilot lights

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I read the new article on pilot lights; good article, but I would like to share the following info.
I am both an InterNACHI inspector and a professional fire fighter.
While working at the fire department (on the HAZ-MAT team) we respond to carbon monoxide calls on a regular basis. Just this week we responded to a call and had readings of 35 ppm of CO in a residential structure (house for all non fire people).
While checking the home, it was determined the pilot light on an older gas furnance was the cause or source of the elevated CO readings.
Some of these older pilot lights are or appear to be small candles. Along with being a source for energy waste, improperly adjusted or dirty pilot lights can and do produce CO in a home. This is not the first time we have seen this in the fire service.
If you see improperly adjusted pilot lights or pilots that appear to be improperly adjusted, recommend servicing by a qualified HVAC tech.