New Article - Please comment

I just finished a new article on a subject that has been eating at me for awhile. Most homeowners (and Realtors) think that they know stuff that is completely wrong. Thus, this article which I hope will help to clear up these myths.

Please read and critique.


Very well written but maybe you can consider breaking this into a 4 part series. People just don’t read like they used to. Other than that I really like it.

Nice article.
Looks good.

Points number 2 & 4 are in conflict with each other. It can’t be logically possible that “everyone knows”/believes contractors are both properly trained/know what they are doing but everyone also believes they do shoddy work.

I would get rid of all inclusive statements like “everyone” or “all”. Just say “many people” or “It’s a common misconception”.

Additionally, one of your opening statements says these myths are “messing up the market”, but that idea is not really fleshed out by the end of the article. “The market” would include the construction of new homes, number of buyers, sellers & homes available, pricing, loan rates, land & real estate value, gross sales, jobs created by real estate, etc. Again, it’s an all inclusive phrase which isn’t needed and ultimately isn’t addressed.

Finally, the last few lines which push inspection services, don’t really conclude the article. Maybe a line which ties in a client’s concerns about their home as they relate to the points you made in the article would be better. Something like:

“If you have questions or concerns regarding your own masonry home, local construction standards or the overall quality of your home’s construction, a home inspection is an excellent tool at your disposal whether you are purchasing or just maintaining a home.”

Only had time to read part of it. Good read so far. Point 3 under masonry… Breath should be changed to breathe.


very nice