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The truth abouth General Contractors, sub-contractors and tradesmen.

Please note, some specifics only ally to the State of Illinois, but your comments about conditions in your area are welcome.


Very good read Will. if a potential client read that on your website it would make them feel you had there best interest at hand.

What would a real estate agent say when they read it, or one of “their contractors”?

Here in Kansas, repair persons of every industry and home builders are not required to have insurance, education, and are not ruled or regulated in most any way. Repair persons, such as roofers, foundation repair persons, electricians, etc. are being called upon by agents and buyers to do evaluations of the home for free, for a reason. However, agents still hire all of these people, and work with them, and even represent the home builders to sell homes. Home inspectors in Kansas are licensed, have to have insurnace, education, and abide by rules and regulations. The licensed home inspectors are being shut out by the used home commissioned sales people and their offices and brokers in favor of these repair persons to do these home “checks” for free, and represent unlicensed, unregulated home builders.

Go figure.

Geesh. I am starting to sound like Bushart.

Potential homeowners or contractor clients should have the contractor’s current bond information, copies of their insurance, pre-lien or pre-lim notices fwd: to their attorney, a back-ground check, references from current projects, contracts reviewed by their attorney also, and most of all a pistol (.45 should suffice) in their pocket.

Great article, Will!