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I regularly write articles for my wib site. Brings in good calls and helps marketing. Here is my latest article based upon what is a particular type of problem we see in the urban areas of Chicago - roof top decks.

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

Hope this helps;

Article link does not work.

Fixed. Sorry.

Still not working Will

You should get a web site :slight_smile:
I’ve heard they are better than those pesky wib sites :slight_smile:

Worked fine for me. Click on the link for the first article, the one about problems with wooden roof decks.

Hope this helps;

Nope…takes you to … which is a blank page.
keep trying.

Works for me with firefox…scroll down.

Works on IE9 also.

Good article Will.

One thing I noticed is towards the end, first paragraph below Alternatives, 3rd sentence typo, “more around” I’m sure you meant move.

Rather than a wooden roof deck built on sleepers, use wooden roof tiles. These are square wooden tiles with a special rubber cushion backing that spreads the weight of the tile more evenly and avoids damaging the roof membrane. These tiles interlock so they don’t more around and tear into the roof.

Tried FF and still not opening.

Try this link:

Still no

Your link gets me … ,showing as a blank page.

Rather than clicking the link. just cut and paste to your browser. Your browser is changing something because the link, itself, is good. Please understand that there are underscores ( _ ) between the words.

Clicking on this link, both from IE and google chrome, works fine for me.

Fixed. Thanks Chris. I always have relied on the kindness of spell checking strangers :mrgreen:

No problem, I feel the same. Nice article.

I think Bob’s problem is trying to view with his cell phone and Sprint. :wink:

Would that that were Bob’s only problem, but alas, I hold out little hope :mrgreen:

Hmm just tried this on my phone while out here and it flashed what looked an image of two people on a deck but blank after that.
Judging from lack of comments Chris must be special… Lol

I just clicked the link you posted at post 7 with my phone (AT&T) and I get the entire article, including several photos, graphics, etc.

Maybe Will has you blocked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I figured out the problem as the whole page is blank unless you scroll down which makes no sense but at least I found it.

As an experienced surfer many others are bound to miss the whole thing also.



Not sure what that means but I need to teach you how to create a web page Will.:wink: