New Article: Pricing and Billing for Home Inspectors

Read this new article, “Pricing and Billing for Home Inspectors.”

The most important factor in any business is figuring out how much to charge for services. That’s what we call pricing. It’s crucial. Many inspectors have no idea how to go about it. They don’t know what price is both competitive and profitable. That’s why you need to develop a strategy for pricing your services.

Figuring out how to bill clients is also very important. In a home inspection business, you have to learn how to set competitive prices and also how to bill clients efficiently.

Let’s learn about those two things: pricing and billing. They are two essential tasks for an inspection service business.

Always something new and inspection-related here.

I get asked everyday by inspectors (new and veteran) about pricing jobs.

“Pricing and Billing for Home Inspectors”]( explains a couple ways to do that.

This goes along with the NACHI Billing (fee) calculator…:wink:


In Jacksonville, Florida we have inspectors charging $50.00 for 4-point, wind mitigation and roof certification. Now insurance companies like GEICO are telling people that’s what I should charge. These dumb ***** are cutting my throat along with everyone else. Move, please!!!:twisted:

nice read.

Shoot. $50 might be high. Yep, it has a roof. The wind has not blown it off yet. Home has 4 corners. Approved. $50 please.

I agree:

For me in my area I won’t leave the office for less that $100 an hour.

Hi Ben
I’m one of the newest members here at INACHI.
Just wanted to say thank you. This is an outstanding program.
I’m taking my NH state Licensing exam Tue 02/11/2014 9:30 am
Any advice?

The NH home inspection licensure application states that you must take the NHIE or an equivalent exam. Yes?

Every time I raise my prices, I get busier.