New Assistant Webmaster

Hello everyone, I’d like to take a few seconds to introduce you to Michael Bordas, our newest NACHI staff member. Michael has joined us as an assistant Webmaster and will be taking some of the load off of my shoulders. Right now he’s just starting to get a feel for the organization and its information systems, but I expect him to be a huge help over the coming months and beyond.

Michael has more of a background in system administration and will be handling a lot of nut-and-bolt stuff that might not lead to much interaction with membership (especially at first). But don’t be surprised to see him around on the message board and responding to some e-mails you send my direction.

I’ve asked Michael to post a quick hello on this thread. Expect that sometime in the near future.

Hey everybody, its good to be here. As Chris said, I’m still settling in, but I’m looking forward to helping out. If you have any technical questions or problems feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to get you a quick answer.

Welcome aboard Mike.

I’m happy to see that Chris (the genious) is finally taking on some professional assistance. He’s done such a fantastic job in the past (as you can see) but became overwhelmed by the idiots of this world who try to access areas where their not suppose to be.

I hope to see that this new MB and any future issues will be quickly resolved.

Get comfortable.

Welcome Mike!

We all will appreciate your help I’m sure.

We don’t know what we had ‘til it’s gone…board runnin’ sloowwww.

Welcome Mike

Welcome to NACHI,

Glad Chris is getting the help needed to get some projects done.

Hi Mike,

welcome to the funny farm :wink:



Welcome Mike!

Ditto. Welcome Mike!

Hello Mike, welcome aboard!..

Welcome Michael! :smiley:

I don’t know who suggested hiring Michael Bordas
but, they’re almost a genius.

As we all know Chris has his hands full with a lot of projects so, this little decision could make us all money by re-empowering the e-mails to realtor program.

I look forward (or should I say backward) to some more calls generated by the e-mails to realtor program.

Bravo NACHI!

Welcome aboard!!!
We at HOMEINSPECTORUSA,LLC wish you the very best. I know you will enjoy NACHI. Now you will be dealing with the best in the industry and remember success breeds success.

Welcome aboard!!!


Welcome Mike
roll up your shirt sleeves
and god speed

speaking of speed …
lets put our best man on this

welcome, welcome

Welcome Mike,

Greetings from the Northwest Florida NACHI members.

Joe Lyvers
Home Inspectors of NW Florida

Fantastic Glad to have you aboard Mike .
We all love every one
Roy Cooke sr.

welcome aboard Mike from the great white north :eek:

Welcome aboard Mike! It’s about time Chris got some help with this behemoth site!!

New design is interesting - is that your work?

Roberta Dulay
Director of eServices, NACHI, and Chief Technology Officer for Grassfrog Technologies, a leader in affordable home inspection web sites exclusively for NACHI members

Welcome Mike, Glad to see that Chris is getting some help.:slight_smile:

Michael is still just getting comfortable with NACHI’s systems and doing some research into future projects–nothing as fancy as a redesign (which, in fact, has been in the works since before he joined us).