New at this game

I have been a wooden stair builder for many years. Like most people in the construction field my business is in the toilet. I took a home inspector course and i am awaiting the results of my state exam. I would appreciate any advice anyone can share with me on starting in the business. I am located on Long Island in New York State.

I hope your not expecting any miracles here. Learn all you can about the whole house, and get a good network to spread your business name. You have to be quite versed in all aspects of the home, not that you are not, I am just pointing that out, because some think they can do this ‘in their spare time’ and it normally doesn’t work out.

Get a website and start blogging with links back to it. This will start the climb to the top of Google.

welcome,good luck, its a long hard road to get good at this game, imo may take 2-3 yrs to get where u want to be. imo its not the time to get into hi but it canbe done. good luck man!


The same reason your Stair Job is down will be the same reason your HI Biz will be down.

If your not building stairs, there is no reason for someone to inspect them!

I left New England as the computer industry came down around their ears!
I was maintaining operational “Vacant” buildings for DEC. I was installing DDC for Wang on a 7 yr retrofit, only to come back from lunch to see armed guards giving out pink slips!
How can I plan 7 rys when they can’t come back from lunch and expect a job?

Best of luck!

Huh? Where’s the correlation?
Stair building would be for new construction, but the HI biz is geared mostly for resale homes.
There is a ton of work out there (depending on area of course)

There is almost no new construction going on, but a lot of people are buying foreclosed properties on the cheap.

LOL, I thought that was funny. But, Joe H. does have a point. There could be alot of work, just depends on plethora of timing, luck and prayers.

It’s crowded on the island, no doubt, as opposed to being in the middle of nowhere. You’ve got to keep pressing forward. Find a niche and work on it.

You’ll find out alot on the boards.

Good Luck,