New Bathtub Installation

I think they may have missed something here :smiley:

It must have been “beer-thirty” on a Friday. . .

Working with my buddy the general contractor the last couple years has taught me many things…the most important thing it has taught me is that plumbers do this ALOT…I wonder why?

When I went through plumbing school, they said you only needed to know two things to be a successful plumber.

  1. _____flows downhill
  2. Payday is on Friday

I added one: Don’t bite your fingernails.

At least it will not clog up quickly:mrgreen:


I find tub/shower drains not connected or glued quite frequently at the final walk through here (new construction)…twice in the last few months at garage ceilings. One fell to the floor of the garage, and the other just started squirting water out of a seam.

I attributed the unprofessional installations to alcohol also…:smiley:

it’s just gray water, what’s the problem?:roll: