NEW BENEFIT for New Jersey NACHI members.

Our new and improved website: is ready to launch a new feature!

The NJ NACHI site will feature a yellow pages style inspector search function. Each NJ NACHI member will be able to specify up to 5 NJ counties in which they will be listed in the search results. If you are a NJ NACHI member send your list of 5 counties via retuen email, and you will be incorporated into the inspector search function.

If you are not a NJ NACHI member join now for your discount on the fall meetings and other NJ NACHI benefits for 1/2 price for the balance of 2006.

Edgar Woodson

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5 counties in NJ is a lot of coverage!
The most densely populated state in the Union, I’d be jumping on that - if I still lived in Morris, Warren, Monmouth or Ocean - like I used to . . .

Good job, Ed!