New Bill york course

Bill asked me to spread the word. He will have a course update in Broward on the 18th of Feb. Bill gets his info straight from the top. Register at his website and ill see yall there

And please enlighten us to exactly what or where the top is?

Has he submitted many of the new forms already?

Or does he just have special powers that allow him to know how the insurance companies will interpret the form?

Or does he just do a Tebow and all the answers just come to him from the tippy top :slight_smile:

Just having a little fun :slight_smile:

get details from his website. and yes, he is an insider and gets the scoop before the rest of us.

Thank you, Dennis.

From who or what?

The is no one person or “top” that makes any decisions.

I have searched and looked and tried to find that person or company for a long time and have never been able to do so. I’ve had quite a few questions over the years.

Each company interprets it in their own way as do each person that performs the inspections.

He wrote the training for the MSFH and the entire reinspection program for the State. All of his materials stand up as a legitimate source when needed. He has my endorsement 100%

Well that is good seeing that I ask you when I cannot find the answers.

My vote is you teach a course :slight_smile:

im too busy teaching my customers and staff

Do you have a link to his site .thanks

Found it .

York meeting is in Sunrise. Cost is $55.00. 3 hour class just on changes to 1802

William. I saw on Yorks site he is having two classes. One is the class you mention for those who have taken his previous class. This class on the 18th deals with the new 1802 form changes.

The 17th is another class for those who haven’t previously taken his course but, almost gives the appearance it is based on the old form? I emailed him to clarify but haven’t heard back yet. Maybe someone here who has a bit more info can elaborate.



55 seems like a good deal. If anyone can take the class first time with him or not?

I’d like to take the class he has advertized on his website taking place on the 17th but, have yet to hear that it will deal with the new 1802 form and changes. If you read the course outline on his website, it says the class on the 17th deals with the 02/2010 1802 form. Just want to get clarification. I emailed him last evening but haven’t received a reply yet.


Keep us informed Bert I am curious as well…thanks!

Yeah I like to know also.

Okay, so here’s the update. I never received a reply from York but, I just went back on his website and registered for the class. Apparently he must have realized that the website had not been yet updated and he made the changes. It is now stating the February 17th class in Sunrise is for the new 1802 form and changes. So, I registered right away. The link above will take you there.


Here is the info on his site…

Date City Location Pricing, Please Select One to Register Online
February 17, 2012
Sunrise, FL Doubletree (formerly Crowne Plaza)
13400 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Sunrise, FL 33323
Register Now - Pick up materials on class date - $155
Register Now - I am retesting - $65 (Retesting done at subsequent class.)
February 18, 2012
9am - Noon
Sunrise, FL Doubletree (formerly Crowne Plaza) 13400 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Sunrise, FL 33323
Register Now - Update for the 2-1-12 1802 Form - $55 (This is a 3 hour class ONLY for students that have previously taken an approved 1802 class.)

Apparently, the site is overwhelmed!

Did you retry Eric? I just went on their site and seems okay.