New board slowwww????

It is sooooo sloooowww I now remember what dial was like and that $ucked.

Mine’s way slower now also:(

I thought I had spyware on my computer. It turns out this funky looking message board is just slow. Why did they change a good thing? I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.


I’m not sure if I like how it looks. No info about the person posting. A pic, email, web info. I don’t get it, but whatever. It’ll have to do


I too am having very slow loading of pages. I am having more issues with posting. I am getting a lot of blank pages and my web browser says it is “done.”

I am hoping it gets better and we all start to see the benefits of the changes.

I have to agree it is very slow on Road Runner.

…If it’s not broke don’t fix it stands true again.

:frowning: Dial up reminder:twisted:

Very Slow - We use SBC Global Yahoo DSL at 1 location and Roadrunner at another. It takes 15-20 sec per page to load the new site.

Don’t have that kinda time for it, so not getting on the site much.

slow. Like Jessica Simpson

Looking into it folks. What would help me greatly is if each of you could post the following about your experience:

Load Speed: [slow/fast]
Browser: [Internet Explorer/Firefox/Etc.]
Operating System: [Windows/OS X/Etc.]
Service Provider: [SBC/Verizon/AOL/Etc.]
Service Speed: [Dial-up/DSL/Cable/Etc.]

I have a trouble ticket out with Jelsoft (makers of vBulletin) and I’m looking into it myself. As with any major transition like this there will be a number of issues that come up in the first few weeks. But we’ll get 'em all sorted out–don’t worry.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response. :smiley:

Here are the answers to your questions.

Load Speed: [slow/fast] SLOW!!!

Browser: [Internet Explorer/Firefox/Etc.] Internet Explorer

Operating System: [Windows/OS X/Etc.] ** Windows XP**

Service Provider: [SBC/Verizon/AOL/Etc.] ** Earthlink**

Service Speed: [Dial-up/DSL/Cable/Etc.] **DSL **

Please let me know if you need any other details to help you troubleshoot the issue.

All the best…


Speed… slow
Browser… Internet Explorer
Operating System…Windows
Service provider… Road Runner (Time Warner Cable)
Service Speed… Cable.

Hope this helps.

speed…significantly slower than old board
browser…IE 6.0.29
OS…Windows XP Pro

speed…somewhat slower for certain operations
browser…IE 6.0.29
OS…Windows XP Home Edition
ISP…Time Warner Road Runner

Load Speed…significantly slower
Browser…Firefox 1.0.7
Op System…Win XP
Speed…dial up, don’t laugh, it’s all that we have in the boonies.

The biggest response I get is waiting for NACHI



If you feel comfortable installing an extension, give FasterFox a try. If you do install it, let me know if that fixes the speed issues. If it does, it’ll help me pinpoint the problem.

Load Speed: slow
Browser: Internet Explorer
Operating System: XP
Service Provider: Knology
Service Speed: broadband cable


Chris, Wow did that make a difference. It sped my Firefox up tremendously. Almost no delay except the normal dial-up. Actually I noticed it is quite a bit faster, almost like my sons dsl. Way to go.

And the extension from Mozilla is only 76kb. quite small.


The “F5” key has been a standard refresh key for at least a decade that I’m aware of.

Load Speed: slow
Browser: Internet Explorer
Operating System: XP
Service Provider: Optonline
Service Speed: broadband cable