New Brunswick to require home sellers to inspect homes.

Thanks Nick …good info.

My take, more work for the municipal inspectors, and more fees for the municipal coffers. In this case it only would cover just one region of New Brunswick - North Brunswick.

Yup, a tax grab by any other name is still a tax grab.
I wonder if they have heard of Ms Wynn?


Agreed. And they are doing the inspection in an hour. Sounds more like they are looking for updates or additions without permit, which then may also increase the taxes collected.

Robin, that’s exactly what it appears. The clues are all in the narrative.

  1. North Brunswick tax assessor
  2. comparing Multiple Listing Service records
  3. violations related to work that was not “permit”-ed
  • improper plumbing

  • electrical work

  • building construction

  1. finished basements without the proper permits
  2. furnace and water heater replacements

I particularly like the part about
“the township would not have to hire additional staff members for the process, as current employees are already working to write violations.”


“The inspection fee would be $260, compared to a $250 violation fine” So the same staff will rake in an extra $10, but the advantage to the town is that the $260 “permit check” would apply to all homes sold rather that those that cause problems.

In my opinion, what this township should do is let proper Home Inspectors have the information about permits issued on properties, rather than incorrectly hide this information behind the privacy act, and allow the Home Inspectors to report on defects they see that should have been covered by missing permits.

That way the “town” can save of their staff costs, have a home inspection performed by someone who is not just looking out for the taxable income, but for the benefit of the consumer and cover their tax shortfall by increasing the fines for non-compliance with permit requirements.

Oh, and a Home Inspector will be able to work on days other than Wednesday which means the Home Sale process won’t get backlogged because the local township inspectors decides to have the hump day off.

You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. This is a pure tax grab that offers no greater consumer protection from the vast majority of defects a properly qualified Home Inspector would find.

It’s not New Brunswick in Canada, It’s North Brunswick in Pittsburgh! We’ll let Nick off 'cos it’s his Birthday.