New build standard?

Hello everyone,

So I am building a new home in south Texas. I joined InterNACHI in hopes to learn more about the industry and possibly things to do on my days off. Part of my learning process is actually learning while going through the building process on the house we are building through a builder in West Houston.

We signed seven months ago, and we are only at the framing stage. With a lot of complaining, they are slowly starting to do the cornice work and sheathing. I have not been on any inspections with other local inspectors, but rather have been walking a lot of other builds in the section our house is being built in. The house next to us has finally got its sheathing, decking, and plumbing rough-in started. For sheathing, they are using thermoPLY. Their sheathing is consistent and clean (no mud all over on the interior and exterior.)

Lately, I have become really irritated with the builder’s lack of quality on our build compared to our neighbors, which are the same builder. I was surprised how they are using different brands of sheathing on our house. They have been taking sheathing from another build, and mixing and matching it on ours. Not only is the quality of the sheathing bad, but it’s also all dirty and muddy. Not only that, but on some parts of the house, they have, what looks like really shoddy work.

Can anyone take a gander at the pictures I have posted and tell me if it is normal and acceptable to accept such quality of work? This is a $600K house. So to me, quality is something I am adamant about.

Tell him you are buying a new house and you want new materials, not seconds.

Thanks, Brian. My thoughts exactly. Did you see the shoddy sheathing on IMG5388? Like WTH hell are they doing will all those patches? Is that supposed to help structurally?

Yes, it does offer lateral support. But maybe not in that location…I do see some plywood. Hard to say.

Does your contact state the materials to be used and specifications for quality control? I am guessing not, if you signed the contractor provided contract it likely is focused on how he is going to get paid. Do you have a stamped architectural set of plans? Unfortunately you can only control the contractor based on your signed contract. Check with an attorney to see what your options are.


Have you thought about hiring a reputable qualified home inspector to do phase inspections?


This is a community homebuilder.