New Business In Colorado: Tips?

Hello Everyone! I just started up a home inspection business in Colorado. Its over at Home Inspections Commerce City or You can take a look if you wish. Does any one have any tips for starting in this particular market: pricing, service requirements, exposure to clientele, etc. I was told that my pricing was to low any one have any tips for that? I’m working for a home inspector in the local area and I do the web work for him. Thanks in advance!

Have you looked into the pricing of your competition yet? How do your prices compare?

You may want to research the code of ethics. Do folks really pay you $160/hr for handyman services? I’m floored if they do! Is that your contractor experience? Are handymen licensed in Colorado? Sorry for all the questions I’m just curious🙂

Where would that be?

It seems to be about 400+ for a regular home inspection then upwards of 500-600+ for larger homes.

Well Its 160 for the handyman job its 160/hr to fix a fence post for example. I think that’s something I will have to clear up with my client. Thanks for pointing that out! License requirements differ depending on what you do. Weather General Contract work or regular handyman work.

​Our inspection company is different form any other because we offer something different. With over 15 years of contractor experience we can offer you the quality services that can improve your home inspections experience. Weather changing a light fixture to putting up a cabinet we are there for you if you need us.

Check your spelling please.
Good luck to you, however our ethics state no repairs on anything you inspect for twelve months.

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$160/hour for “hanyman” work might work down in the metro area but wouldn’t fly up here. As Martin eluded too, read the COE…

Based on the prices from your website, I’d say you’re underpriced.

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Martin, providing a “handyman service” here doesn’t require a license here, but if you were to do GC type of work then you do. Alot of grey area with some things others not so much… At least here anyway…

Yes Michael I think it’s licensed by city not state but I could be wrong.

I know quite a few “hanyman” outfits around here that don’t have any form of licensing or certification either. Of course the OP’s location could have adopted some of Denver’s regulations too. Whole different world down there with some things… It’s only 40 minutes away from me…

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