New Business Question

My wife and I are in the process of starting up our business. I would like an opinion about being registered/licensed/certified in multiple states. Good thing or not?

Thank you.

Are you going to work in all those States?

Yes, if business becomes available. This is just something I am considering. Trying to determine if it would benefit me in this type of business.

Human nature states that someone will not hire an out-of-state vendor if there are other local vendors available.

The only time I would see this happening if you lived up by NH or Vermont.

I know some guys that inspect in multiple States, but it’s usually in certain areas. Otherwise, people generally want a local. Where are you?

It would really help to know where you are. (Fill out your profile!) I’m licensed in MD and certified in VA. I also work in DC quite a bit. The vast majority of my business is in MD, but I get a fair amount in DC and VA. Of course they are both only a short trip from where I am. If you live near a border, where the other state would be taking a chunk out of your area, it would probably be a good idea to get licensed in the neighboring state.

Since you are just getting going, concentrate on your home state first, but have it in your business plan to grow.


We are in Springfield, Missouri.

Your state is 4,000 more sq miles than my state I live in and I only service Florida for Residential and Commercial.

I posted on this in another thread. I go on average about 100 miles one way for a residential inspection in Florida. To each their own.

Good Luck,

Business won’t become available in States you don’t market in. If you’re going to market in a state, I’d say get licensed. If you aren’t, I don’t really understand why you would.

Not a good thing right out of the gate.

Give it time, at least a year to see if there is a demand for your business in other states, otherwise you may be wasting a lot of time & money for nothing.


Thank you for all your responses. It helps to be able to bounce things off other people in the business.