New Camera Leasing and Extended Warranty

I am preparing to lease a new FLIR B360.

I am considering an extended warranty to be combined in the lease.

What do you think?


What is your cost?

As John stated, the cost would be a deciding factor for me. I would also recommend purchasing additional batteries for the camera.

BTW Who is offering the extended warranty?

FLIR Does for 2500-3500 depending on the camera.

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At that price maybe it’s not worth doing it for the lower end cameras. Thanks Jason!

Actually the extended warranties on the b40 through B250 are as such

b40- 1 Year- $395 / 2 Year- $890 / 3 Year- $1450
b50- 1 Year- $495 / 2 Year- $1090 / 3 Year- $1685
b60- 1 Year- $695 / 2 Year- $1490 / 3 Year- $2285
B200/B250- 1 Year- $1000 / 2 Year- $2250 / 3 Year- $3750

OJ Utter