new camera (not IR)

Hello All!
What camera do you use in the field for general report pictures and why? Is it durable, have a long battery life, fit in hard to reach places, lots of memory storage, etc?? :shock:

Try the NACHI search at the top of page and you will find this question has been asked many times and much information will come up .

Thanks Roy, very helpful.

There are many opinions. I still use my old Sony Mavica FD200 because of the durability, long battery life, and storage memory cards. It also requires no software for loading onto lap tops. I am on my second one in 14 years of inspections. My first one works, but is hard to zoom. I suggest to do a thread search as Roy suggests.

I use a Samsung WB350.

  1. Uses the same battery charger as Samsung tablet/phones
  2. Remote view finder, works with the Samsung App so it doubles as a pole camera.
  3. 20x optical zoom
  4. Good battery life
  5. WiFi photo transfer if you need it
  6. Adjustable Mega Pickles down to 1.


  1. Pop up flash seems fragile. Older models had the flash in the face of the camera.
  2. Dials/settings knob on the top right is easily rotated while carrying it around.
  3. To many settings for what I need.