New Canadian Association

I am hearing strange rumbling about a New Canadian Association.

I do not think it has a chance in Hell of growing very large unless they are associated with NACHi some how .
I can see OAHI shrinking with their attitude and the way they and CAHPI handle things, ignore the membership tell them nothing and treat them like mushrooms ,Feed them BS and keep the members in the Dark .
Both CAHPI and OAHI are masters at this BIG TIME.
They need a place to communicate and learn new things and confirm old things .
The CMI has set a new standard that I am sure will be the one for others to follow.
Say the rest and NACHI is for sure the best.
… Cookie

And that new association would be???


Not so much a new Association but rather a dilution of the current association of record. This most likley will occur in the New Year.

The fact is regardless of the issue of right to use RHI, there remains other violations of peoples rights as ensured by the Pr 158 and the bylaws, and breaches of the Corporations Act. And the lack of diligence, and a standard of care owed the membership.

Needless to say this leaves OAHI and directors and a few committee members who have over excercised their perceived powers open to court challenge and the possiblity of those individuals and or the Corporation open to punitive damages.

Pr 158 states.

Is the membership ready to exhaust its funds in order to satisfy the corruption of a handful to exhert and deny what they are obligated to ensure under law? We saw this with one individual already within OAHI which cost the association at a minimum $35K, when certain individuals finally admitted to lying and using their positions for vindictive reasons.

Pretty expensive ball game. I wonder just how long and how far OAHI is willing to go and to perpetrate another travesty and the loss f monies in order to keep their egos in tack.


7/1/07, 9:17 AM
Bill Mullen

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Re: NCA fee announcement
Originally Posted by rwand1

No arguement from me. The fact is at least one individual who was able to get Pr 158 enacted has fraudulently and continually used it for his own misguided objectives with assistance of a few other over inflated ego’s. The fear factor in OAHI has to be exposed by those who have hi jacked the objectives of the association.*

Happy Canada Day, Ray…we’re agreeing !!!

There are now people involved who will not allow the ‘status quo’ to continue. I am aware of some things that are happening already, and the ‘old guard’ is not at all happy. All of the old garbage will stay with OAHI and CAHPI Ontario is going to rise from the ashes.

I too am dismayed that certain individuals have been allowed to hi-jack parts of my provincial association for their own benefit. The educational end of the association is riddled with abuse.

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

Bill Mullen

Although I am not directly involved with OAHI/CAHPI Ontario affairs, I do have several friends on the inside who rely on me for guidance and advice.

Bill Mullen

I wonder if Bill knows how to bait a hook? :mrgreen:

I’ll have you know that I am a Certified Master Baiter.

Bill Mullen CMB

Bill people have been knowen to go blind from that.

Bill, that was funny!

Rob you are right, I am reading your post through the means of Brail. :mrgreen:

Ray See what happens when you do not listen to your mother.“you’ll go blind doing that”

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I now wear glasses… Cookie

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I need my glasses to find my glasses, and I need glasses to find it! :mrgreen:

Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of every day .

Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder if this new association will be run by a bunch of jerk offs. :mrgreen:

Why should things change now it’s been run that way for almost 20 years .

… Cookie
Tried the rest NACHI is the best.

try a little pepper to make it sneeze
hearing is still working ??? that way you wont need to worry so much about the glasses