New Canadian members helped us break another record. Most to join in a month: 138.

138 new, full-paying, members joined in the month of May… a new record for InterNACHI.

There is much weeping and nashing of teeth in a cluttered little home office in Ontario, tonight.

James,I have not heard much mashing or weeping at the Ontario head quarters,but thanks for your concern,Regards,Harry:)

“Headquarters” of what?

That’s a healthy increase. How many were in Canada?

Bill Mullen

I’m quite sure that by the way Nick prepared the Thread Title, it looks like 138 new members were Canadian!!!

But it’s all about “net” gains. I know at least a couple in our tiny province haven’t renewed (out of business). And 1 in NB is not renewing {Just checked his certification: Invalid (no such member)}…moving to CAHPI!!!

Copy this next quote from me: All inspectors in the U.S. and Canada will HAVE to be members of InterNACHI. You heard it here first. Oh you can join any other optional association you want to, but you will HAVE TO join InterNACHI as well, no way around it soon. Copy this post and ridicule it for me. When it comes to pass soon… I’ll get to quote you.

Let me get this straight, you put this man out of business with your “expertise” or “low prices” [or both] he didn’t renew with NACHI and has now moved on to CAHPI?

I’m slow, please explain your above statement.:shock:


You have completely misunderstood James statement! Call me.

Having trouble reading or comprehending Brian?

I’m dyslexic and slow and I had no problem understanding the tittle of this thread and it’s meaning.
Key words . “13” “MONTH” “A” “IN” “JOIN” “TO” “MOST” .“RECORD” “ANOTHER” “BREAK”“US”“HELPED” “MEMBERS” “CANADIAN” “NEW”:shock: :roll:

31 new members were Canadian Brian, not 831.:wink: :shock:

Three people didn’t renew- 2 in NS; 1 in NB

I didn’t put anyone out of business. Only one of these gents and I slightly overlapped in territories. Like a few have said before: This field is already overcrowded in larger centers… and in smaller centers they don’t have enough business!!!

But everyone wants to be an HI!!! Blame it on orgs such as this and the HI schools, some of which **use **INACHI to spin their stories of success and $10,000 to $30,000 per month billings…see other current threads!!

From what I’m told, the gent in NB is still in business just switching associations due to lack of transparency, rigour, democracy, etc!!!

But you have enough work… correct? Far too busy to be posting here… correct? Lets see, you average 5 posts per day and you are busy as hell… correct?

Too funny!:roll:

Sounds like the InterNACHI benefit list will turn into a survival list and
inspectors will have a hard time making it without some of the things
you see coming in the future.

Mario: Have a look at the stats. You post way more than I by 62%!!! You need math and logic training and obviously have the time to do it!!

**Lets see, you average 5.31 posts per day and you are busy as hell… correct? You must be really busy…trying to make excuses for yourself

**Copied from INACHI Board:
Total Posts: 3,896 (5.31 posts per day)
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Total Posts: 1,352 (3.25 posts per day) Find all posts by Brian A. MacNeishFind all threads started by Brian A. MacNeish

Did you see most of my posting times recently…late evening/night and early AM. As I said 4 half days off in last 21-22… working tomorrow and father’s day (1/2 day)

Give the head a shake!!!

I’m a member of NACHI, you are not. Your entire post and “Spin” is ridiculous and funny!:roll:

G’night, Mario!!!

Too funny!:roll: Spin it anyway you want, it’s still funny as hell.
Do you have any other member e-mails to post?:shock:

Can’t you get over that you outed yourself???

Mario, I changed that Email and removed any signs that would have identified it as being yours. Some examples: (1) took out the “BTW” abbreviation for “by the way” which you have used in other posts. (2) Removed “OAHI” from “OAHI/CAHPI” so that the board would not know it was an Ontario member.

That quoted & altered Email could have been from any of the 500+ INACHI members in Canada, but you chose to OWN IT. Is guilt for taking the quick and easy path getting the better of you??

No guilt here brother, I stand behind everything I say and do. But I have to tell you, anyone that saves an e-mail for 6 months and posts it when he feels it will serve him, is a fcuking snake.
When you first appeared on the scene I thought it was great. Here is a Canadian non-member that is both knowledgeable and helpfull to other Inspectors, what I didn’t know is that you have an agenda.