New Certified Multi-Unit Housing Inspector Logo for Members

InterNACHI’s Inspector Marketing Team has designed a new inspector logo for members: Certified Multi-Unit Housing Inspector Logo.

The *Multi-Unit Housing Inspector *logo is available for use by allInterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors who inspect multi-unit housing.

If you’d like to get your own customized business logo designed, all of the design work by the InterNACHI Inspector Marketing Team is free. Visit for details.


Nice, except it should be multiunit (using a dash after multi is almost always incorrect).

But multi-unit in this case is a two-word adjective before a noun and so is hyphenated, no?

I’ll ask Kate.

Not sure what punctuation rule you’re quoting, Michael, but we use hyphens for compound adjectives, prefixes and suffixes, especially when the letters between are both vowels. This is correct and perfectly acceptable usage, although some people may prefer not using the hyphen, which may also be correct usage, depending on the dictionary or style guide they’re using as a reference. Also, we don’t follow the Chicago Manual of Style, whose guidelines are best suited to long-form writing.

In all of my studies it’s been pounded in that multi is not hyphenated. Yes, there are sources that allow it, but more often than not they don’t.

I am in Chicago and do tons of Multi-Unit inspections.:slight_smile:

By the way they are residential and not commercial. people live there ]

Might look nice on a vehicle but to be honest there are so many trophy logos have no desire to paste it on a website and compete with all the Newbies that slap them all over the home page.

InterNachi followed by CMI and Buy Back are the only ones that mean anything.

Good post Michael. I do know that governments hyphenate muti-agency… I just happen to know that from years of dealing with governments.

I think the hyphen makes it jump more and makes the other wise box and rectangle design possible to read and comprehend better.

The hyphen makes it more reader friendly, and, it is a Logo, not a Novel.

With that being said… I find the logo to be dated, with a subliminally racist connotation inferring that certain types of people live in Multi-Unit Housing, and is mildly offensive.

It instills flashbacks to lower class neighborhoods in the 70’s that come to mind.



Looks like someone watched too many episodes of “Good Times” and 'Welcome Back Kotter" while designing it.

Also “Housing Inspector” to me brings to mine the city inspectors we have here in Los Angeles who go through apartments making sure landlords are compliant with local codes and laws.

Actually I see the reason behind the logo graphic as the cubes are subliminal for separate apartment units.
I invite you guys to say or show a better rough idea .Maybe show a building I suppose as a graphic but I did try different colors on edit and none of them work as well.
A single color tone is bland while more colors is too rainbowy. yes a new word ] use it every day ]

Seriously though the colors are very African American and if you look at Black art many artists use Browns,Oranges and yellows in paintings .That may be where the opinion comes from and is perhaps accurate .

Personally have always loved the logo on left side of my home page and may use a version sometime in the future as a logo.Simple but says building immediately.