New Chapter forming in Western New York!!


For those of you in the** Greater Rochester / Finger Lakes** New York area, who have been waiting for a chapter to attend, Good news,
we are holding an exploratory meeting to see if we can get enough inspectors to attend and move forward in the hopes of forming a regional chapter. We can discuss all the details involved,
we were allowed to use a big room for the meeting at:
Kaplan Professional Schools
1544 Mt. Hope Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14620
This is just a temporary meeting site to get started, all details are on the table for discussion, site / time/ dates / how often we meet etc.
I could use some help getting this together, and with the refreshments, please contact me at
looking forward to seeing you there.

Great glad for you hope it goes well Keep us Canadians in Mind love to come and give support.

Good luck Mike,
Do not get discouraged if it doesn’t instantly get off the ground. Strongly advise settling on a place ASAP and routinely meeting on a monthly basis, same time (ie; 3rd Thursday, 2nd Wednesday etc.) so the guys can pre-schedule it on their datebooks. Also, if a dinner meeting -find a place where each person can order off menu and pay own bill. Nothing is as discouraging for a guy with a burger taste who drinks coke having to “chip in” way more because of only one bill and some of the guys are eating filet and drinking Anchor Steam. Always schedule some type of presentation, even if it is a roundtable discussion of an applicable topic. Give me a call if you want to bounce around ideas.
Tom Valosin
Co-founder & President
New York Capital Region Chapter

Thanks guys,
I been fortunate to be involved in a lot of these settings, and everything you said is right on the money. If you are travelling in our direction, let me know, we may be able to put you in the program, we will see how it goes.