New Chapter in the Huntington ,Charleston,WV area

***I s there anyone in the area of Huntington,Charleston,WV,who knows of or wants to start a Chapter in this area? Please let me know,as I would take an active role in getting it started.Thanks jc:mrgreen: ***

Good Luck


John, remember that very few of our members actually read or post to this board.

Contact HQ for an email list that you can use to invite everyone in your area (100 miles).
I could probably help you with your first meeting, as I did with the N. WV meeting earlier this year.

Keep in touch:


John - good luck in your area. I grew up in Huntington - graduated from Marshall. Let me know what the market is like down there. I still have family in Huntington and Charleston.

Build it and they will come:

I was born in Charleston. I haven’t been back in years. A chapter meeting sounds like a good reason to visit. Let me know when you get it set up.

I used to own a Hunting Cabin near Romney, WV. Beautiful area. A chapter in Charleston sounds great. Hope I can visit and speak some day.

Hey John,
Please let me know when you get a date for your meeting. As the Ohnachi membership coordinator, I would be more than happy to help out. Heck, I might even drop down for the meeting and see if I can catch R.Spriggs finger in the window again. Drop me a line if I can help. Hey Russ, is your finger nail still there? :mrgreen:

Mark, old friend, you bring back such great memories!
Yep, nail is still there - thanks to your great reflexes, backing the window down . . .
Let’s just go for the brews this time, sans finger squishing!

How’s the back, Mark?

Glad to hear that it was saved. I go to see the Doctor this morning to see how the surgery went and to see if he will let me lift more than a 8 oz. coffee mug. I still have a while before I will be up and running any time soon. I am making progress thought on the meds. I have totally cut myself off of the Oxycontin. I can not see why people want to break into a drug store for that. I stopped taking the Oxycodone pain killer last night. I might have been a little early for that. :frowning: Not much sleep but I tried. On step at a time. I am not using a cane at this time.:smiley:

Hey thanks Mark,Russell,and Nick.Let me get this blasted NHIE licencing with the State thing done ,then I will be concentrated on inspections and starting a chapter here locally.When I had my construction business down in CC,Tx I belonged to a few org… I get alot out of them.I will contact both of you guys when I get ready.Probably 2 weeks .Thanks again for the warm welcome! …,JC