New Chapter Website Features

At the request of many of our free chapter website users, we’ve added a few new features:

Free Image Hosting
Using the image button in the page editor, you can now upload and display images on your chapter website. Up to 10MB of pictures are allowed - over a hundred images per site!

Custom Pages
You can also now create as many extra pages as you’d like for your site. Simply click “New Custom Page” in the page editor, type in a title and content, and it’s published to your site.

URL Forwarding
If you have another website and don’t want to use our chapter templates, use the URL forwarding option to automatically send anyone to your own website. You’ll see a link for it near the top of the “Chapter Management” page.


Awesome! Here is the link:

Cool, I knew if I asked enough we would get the added features.

Thank You!