New Citizens four point form

Has anyone started using the new Citzens four point form?

We came up with a 4-point form based on the new Citizens form (same content as the new Citizens form but tweaked the language a bit). We’ve been using it for about a month. No problems so far.

Still using the old InterNACHI form, no problems yet.

Nope. No one has wanted to pay the $200 I am charging for it.

I have seen it advertised for much less than $100. :frowning:

I started using if at the begining of this month. I haven’t raised my price but, I haven’t lowered it that’s for sure. I had an agent ask if I would do one for $70.00 just last week. I said absolutely not. He said he has an inspector that does them for that much. I asked him, “what it was worth” for him and his client, not to have the report sent back or denied due to missing and/or incorrect information? He thought for a couple seconds and then asked, “when are you available to do it”? I did it for him today…


I KNOW the guy offering it for less is putting out a quality report :frowning:
And has a great amount of insurance inspection experience.

Well then Mike, He can have them all as far as I’m concerned. I stay busy year round and don’t need them if I have to do them for $70.00. Sorry.


Same for me Bert. I focus on home inspections. All of these insurance inspections are just extra.

Did my first one today and got the $200 I am asking for them.

The rest of you should consider raising your prices on them.

I tell the clients that citizens is the only company that makes up their own crap and it is a mini home inspection so that is why I charge more.

Perhaps that would keep the rest of the companies from trying that crap. Just a thought.

I do not care because i NEVER COMPETE ON PRICE ON 4 POINTS. i HATE THEM.

Damn Caps.